Martin Vahi in autumn 2017.

Welcome to the personal web page of Martin Vahi!

This corner of the has almost nothing to do with business.
This page is mostly about personal philosophy, wild ideas and politics.
(Yes, I do have personal opinions, even if they are misinformed and controversial.)

I understand that this page is publicly available for everyone. Nevertheless, the targeted audience of this page does not include everybody. This page is STRICTLY AND ONLY for people, who prefer long, detailed and abstract contemplations to short, concrete, stright-to-point executive summaries.

People, who prefer executive summaries to the long and abstract contemplations, will probably find my texts diverging and out of topic, but that's intentional, because I want the readers of my contemplations to make the connections themselves. I also want them to come up with parallels/ideas that I was not able to come up with myself. Often I do not even have a solution to offer and my text in this corner of the Wild-Wild-Web is mostly about, but not limited to, my observations, ideas that I found from somewhere else or wild, but incomplete, lines of thought.

For those, who wonder, why I write this text in English in stead of my native language, Estonian, I write/say that hardly anybody understands Estonian. People, who read this page at all, are probably not from Estonia and I am not so fond of performing the same task more than once.

My character is, of course, for others to judge, but if I were to describe it myself, then I guess that I'm a kind of person, who is fascinated by systems that save humans from dumb, repetitive, work and physical suffering (read: disease). I'm turned off by dumb, repetitive work, including empty talk that has the sole purpose of making people feel cuddly. Doing repetitive, dumb, propaganda to get the popular support of dumb masses, falls under the "dumb and repetitive" category for me, but if some of the "big leaders", including any "manager", gets in my way, then torpedoing, hopefully getting rid of, the "big leader", is a challenge that is not my first preference, but is something that I am willing to take on to clear the path for effective technical development. Usually it means that I get dismissed or have to resign, but it may mean other things at the greater political arena. People tend to mistake me for a social person, but what I really like about other people, when having lengthy conversations with them, is the sophistication of their world, the system of views that they have created. I also have a deep belief that children, elderly, or otherwise dumb people should not be abused, even if they themselves would not understand that they are being abused. Just like pets should be fed and given shelter, the lazy slackers and alcoholics should also be fed and sheltered and all of that without any communism. Taxes must be 0% (zero percent) in principle.

I also hold a very unpopular and unrecognized view that automating, eliminating, dumb and repetitive tasks is not dumb nor simple and I find that it is very dumb to pay fortunes for the repetitive and dumb tasks in stead of paying for development work that automates the dumb and repetitive tasks.