Why the United States Federal Debt can be a Good Thing

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If the overall tax rate is more than 50% and the market and the prices on that market are the same for everybody, then it is guaranteed that the State Apparatus has superiority over all parties at that population. In those market conditions the over 50% overall tax rate makes sure that "the people" WILL NEVER HAVE AUTONOMY. This is the case in 2017 Estonia, with the small sliver of hope that the State, Toompea, is not capable of buying some goods and services that are available to the private sector.

In the case of the United States the National Debt is a means to reduce the overall tax burden and therefore gives more power back to the people of the United States. The U.S. State has to pay interests of that debt, which is money that the U.S. State can not spend on buying anything else. Given that the U.S. State has the most powerful army of the land, if not the whole planet, the U.S. State can say that they will never pay back their loan, they just "confiscate" the loaned money for "national interests", except when the U.S. State is forced to "behave" to get a new loan from the private sector. That is the reason, why there is an everlasting need to "increase the debt limit". New debt is essentially new loan and the private sector will not provide it, if the U.S. "confiscates" the previously loaned money. At the same time, the Soviet Union communism demonstrated that "nationalization" leads to the situation, where nobody has any resources, not even the private sector, which means that the U.S. State is unable to apply a full "nationalization"/"confiscation" or it will end up totally bankrupt like the Soviet Union did. At best the U.S. State can raise the overall tax rate to some level less than 100%. The banksters are smart enough to know that the U.S. State will never pay back its loan, because the U.S. State lacks the means for paying it back or even if it "paid back" the loan, it would have to do it in nonmonetary assets, probably in land usage rights.

The everlasting interest from previous loans("debt sealing increases") can be the source of money for the banksters for giving new loans("debt limit increase") to the U.S. State. At some point the U.S. State interest payments are greater than the money that the U.S. State receives with the new loan, the "debt limit increase", and the banksters can be "generous" and at their discretion temporarily decrease the required interest rate or "defer" interest payment requests. At that point the banksters actually control the amount of money that the U.S. State is able to spend, id est at that point the banksters control the de facto overall tax rate of the U.S. State.

This blog post is to be continued/corrected/edited at a later date.