A Thought About Law Obedience and Economic Sanctions, Episode 0

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Law Obedience

As of 2014_07_17 it seems to me that history supports the statement that only the rules that are agreed upon by all of the parties that should follow them, are followed. Any kind of coercion, "law enforcement by violence", leads to the same situation, where tortured people are: the person being tortured just says, what the torturer wants, regardless of whether he actually agrees with the things he/she says. If the "law enforcement by violence", as opposed to "law enforcement by negotiations", has been applied from generation to generation, then a notion that laws are for breaking, becomes part of the culture, just like it has become in Russia and the United States and the United Kingdom. Personally, I don't blame them, I mean the Russians, Americans, Brits, EXCEPT that they SHOULD be smarter and notice, where the "law enforcement by violence" takes them.

Unfortunately, very much of the same can be said about Estonians. The Estonian quad-party (Reformierakond, IRL, SDE, Keskerakond) leadership, just like the U.S. bi-party (Republicans, "Democrats", quotes added intentionally due to the lack of democracy in the U.S.) leadership, does not seem to understand it. They just drive, till they crash.

The Crash and how it Relates to Economic Sanctions

Export restrictions by a poor Ocean island community probably will not make much of a difference, because even, if they had enough military power to protect themselves against all the super-mafias on Earth, nobody suffers from their export restrictions doe to the fact that the small, poor, Ocean island can not offer much to the world anyway. There's practically nothing there even worth robbing. That is to say, economic sanctions can only have effect, if there EXISTS some trade that can be limited, reduced. There is no trade, if there are no unique or otherwise desirable goods to export. That depends on either the availability of some natural resources like oil, phosphor minerals, etc., or some craftsmanship related goods like medicine, software, electronics, math consultation, education services, machinery maintenance, art.

Craftsmanship related goods can be produced only by smart, intelligent, or at least skillful, people. If a person is smart enough to do its intellectual job well, then often he/she is also smart enough to try to avoid being mistreated. Tyrannies tend to mistreat everyone, specially the intellectual elites, the best of the craftsmen. That probably explains, why the Iranian regime still does not have nukes and why the rest of the autocratic Arab kingdoms tend to live off from natural resources rather than craftsmanship based exports. Nazis made sure that the Einstein fled to the U.S. and that even the Werner von Brown, who did not mind slaves to be coerced to death during the building of his rocket prototypes, defected from the Nazis, not to mention all the smart people, Jews, who were killed in concentration camps.

My prediction in 2014_07_17: the tyranny is enough to make sure that the region that in 2014 is called the America loses its technological edge. Yes, the area called Germany was also the cultural center and technologically most advanced region in the world PRIOR the Nazi tyranny. Just like English in 2014, German was the language of the world and prior to that the French was the language of the world, a language spoken natively by the famous French mathematicians. Highly skilled and smart people do tend to avoid being mistreated and one of the easiest ways to do it is to flee or avoid doing anything noticeable. Want to study stem cells in the U.S. Christian South? There are probably better, safer, career options... Want to develop an honest, lucrative, beneficial-to-everyone style of business in a highly taxed region? You'll probably have a happier life, if You do something else... And so on and so forth.

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