Bit-wise Development

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Bit-wise Development

Standup comedians happen to have a game, where one person tells a story and another person shouts, "new choice", at semirandom points in the middle of the story.

An example:
person A:I was at the supermarket to buy some milk

person B:new choice

person A:to buy some candy and then I saw its price and wondered

person B:new choice

person A:asked the sales person

person B:new choice

person A:the person next to me

person B:new choice

person A:my room-mate on the phone, if the price is a rip-off

person B:new choice

person A:too cheap to be true

Just imagine what You might get, when You apply the same kind of strategy during initial design phase.

For example, I came up with an idea that big wind turbines might be huge, rectangular frames that have been divided to square-sized areas that each contains a small propeller that has a diagonal of 50cm . If the direction of the wind changes, the big rectangle only has to have the freedom to turn about 90 degrees, because the small propellers can be designed to face the wind both "backwards and onwards". Building and raising such a thing would not require cranes for installing the propellers and generators. The maintenance crew could maintain the huge unit by replacing the small units and it would be doable without using any cranes or shutting down the whole big wind-mill. The small units might be produced from cheap plastic, e.g. no expensive composite materials would be needed and the amount of expensive metal work would also be decreased. There's need for speed limiting mechanics, because the small propellers are pretty storm resistant and plain, cheap, materials can withstand the centrifugal forces that the small propellers will have during a storm. The investment of such a system can be partly done gradually, because it is not compulsory to instantly install all the small propellers at once.

The same brain-storming methodology might be used for designing software. May be it allows to find some cheaper technical solutions, new opportunities for reusing existing components?


An Idea on a Somewhat Similar Subject

One idea is to build sea based wind generators ("tuugen" --- "tuule generaator", i.e. "wind generator", in Hiiumaa Estonian dialect). Those things are mobile and move automatically from one place to another. As the "wind is for free" and non-polluting, the inefficiency of producing liquid hydrogen and using that as jet fuel or fuel for running small, private, 5kW-generators, does not matter. After all, most of the sun energy is "wasted" by sending it to outer space, e.g. there is no shortage of energy in this solar system.

That kind of a solution does not require "building permits" by the local super-mafia ("the state"), till the super-mafia changes its rules of operation and starts to charge for "ship parking". An option might be to place the wind generators to ocean, but probably there is a risk that they will be torpedoed by some super-mafia that performs "tax enforcement", not to mention the fact that if the super-mafia knows, who operates them, the owners and operators can be harassed. The wind generators have to be somewhat bullet-proof, radar-camoflaged, quiet and constantly, automatically, change their position by traveling quietly, under water, be un-detectable to super-mafia submarines. Due to radar camouflage the mere-tuugen-s should monitor the traffic of other ships and stay out of their way despite the fact that according to the open sea traffic rules the other ships should navigate around them. Mere-tuugens should be designed so that damages do not occur to ships that run them over, yet they should be able to outrun ships that intentionally try to run them over. A threat to consider is accidental collisions with ekranoplan-s.

Ekranoplan-s fly low, but if they can not detect the meretuugens on their radar, they can not avoid collisions. To avoid paying ransom to the super-mafia for "ship registration", the "mere-tuugen" is not a ship, but a huge robot, which might be also called "wind harvester". The lack of registration also helps to hide the meretuugen-s from tax enforcement torpedoing, should the super-mafia ransom blackmailing ("taxation") policies suddenly change.

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