Rules of the "game of Being a Citizen"

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If one has to boil a really fine pot full of soup, then one needs the right amount of salt. Without salt, the soup would not be right. During middle ages, salt was one of the expensive, luxurious, goods that merchants made good fortune of. However, the party that can afford a whole bag full of salt does not have any advantages with their bag full of salt. On the other hand, if that small, halve tee-spoon full of salt is missing from the soup, the soup is not, what it takes to be a really fine soup.

Production capacity, including the production capacity of services like theatrical plays, language lessons, taxi services, is limited by the amount resource that is used in the production and runs out first.

The amount of money that States have is so huge that from a citizens' point of view, States run out of non-monetary resources before they run out of monetary resources, unless the States outspend themselves like the Soviet Union did. Mubarak's Egypt and Gaddafi's Libya did not run out of money. Their non-monetary cost of oppression got higher than their available stock of oppression enforcers, personnel.

What regards to teams, then there are a lot of people, who are kind-hearted, but incapable of sticking to the habit of cold headed analyze during coercion. For example, they lose the capability to notice that there is absolutely nothing that enforces their end of the bargain in the transaction with the coercers, not to mention more complex lines of thoughts like making multiple spare plans, should the main plan fail. People should never be given tasks that do not match their capabilities. There are always people that think that their inherent purpose of life here on Earth is to be slaves to others, Church, State, Corporation, "The Greater Good". The slave minded will try to enforce the enslavement on others that prefer not to be slaves.

People that are not slave minded and are smart and have "enough" life experience, do not join teams that use coercion on their current or former team members and that's partly due to the fact that they prefer to keep enemies at bay and focus on the task at hand in stead of spending considerable amount of their resources on protecting themselves from the attacks of their teammates. As anyone can "become" an enemy, any treatment that the team acceptably applies to its enemies, will probably be applied to its former members. As the enemies can be right and it might take some time till all, or most, of the team members realize that they are at the "flawed position", enemies can not be treated "too badly". If enemies were treated "too badly", the former team members would receive the coercive treatment.

What regards to strategies, then in the game of chess there are no secrets. Yet, it's still not easy to win, even if everything is public. States have far more resources for gathering information than "Ordinary Citizens" (hereafter: OC) have.

What regards to armor, then the history shows that there is no such thing as impenetrable armor. However, hiding does seem to work, provided that the hiding place changes fast and smartly enough and the camouflage is appropriate. The bigger the search space, the greater the cost of searching (the needle in the haystack phenomena, specially, if the needle is made of compressed hay). It's OK for the old, unused, hiding places to be publicly known, e.g. "no secrets".

Anything physical can be tracked (by any player), marked with circuits that do not emit practically any radio interference, are in an extremely low current stand-by-mode. Data Mining is self-evident.

It's not an exaggeration to say that the word "citizen" stands for "slave at the registry of the most capable violent church". In nature it makes sense to blend in with the environment, e.g. if majority is slave minded and religious, then it's useful to look like the rest, but it's important to have an edge in the non-appearent properties. (Never write a CV that covers all of one's capabilities, etc.)

This post will likely be continued and edited.

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