Sci-Fi Classics: Apple Seed

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Apple trees grow for anyone and regardless of economic recession, war, dollar/euro value, dominant political ideology, U.S./Russian "democracy", Hitler's regime, etc.

Just imagine, if there were a robotic "apple seed" or something that is close to it that would use freely, locally, available materials for building housing, agricultural gardens, transportation vehicles, energy collecting equipment (solar-panels, windmills, whatever that works) and all of that would work regardless of internet connectivity (read: internet censorship). Governments would become AS OBSOLETE AS CHRISTIAN CHURCHES!!!

There just will not be any need for the "protection", because people have enough resources to handle everything by themselves. Wars, "blue-collar crooks", etc. can be handled by people themselves. The white-collar crooks sit you-know-where and not in the banks, because the use of banks is optional, but if You refuse to pay "taxes", then ...

Just like apples can not replace carrots or potatoes, the house-building robots can not solve all problems. There will always be a myriad of mental work to be done. Specially in the fields of medicine/biology, software development, physics, mathematics, etc.
It takes a lot of brainpower, wit, to live happily in a "paradise". Those, who find mental work disgusting, can just focus on entertainment, write rap songs, smoke weed. Those, who generally do not stomach mental work, but can withstand it a little bit, can conduct their own study for finding new recreational drugs, breed more potent weed plants, etc.

Thank You for reading. :-)

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