The Meaning of life, Version 2

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As of 2013_04_27 I haven't given up on the version 1 of the "Meaning of life", but the version 1 does not seem to be achievable due to a considerable amount of problems that seem to eliminate pretty much all of the fun from life. Hence the version 2 here.

So, let's face it: the statistics is that even if contradictory wishes are left to aside, most people never have their ultimate dreams come true. The reality sucks big time.

The solution to that is the "Meaning of life, version 2": one does not give up on the ultimate dream, the "Meaning of life, version 1", but one does acknowledge that most likely one never achieves it and studies, what sort of dependencies does the ultimate dream have. If during one's life time one can move the state of the world even just a few steps closer to the ultimate dream, then, well, like it or not, it's as good as it gets.

Here's the reverse-dependency graph of my meaning of life at 2013_04_27:

If, by some miracle, one should achieve the pre-cloud part of it before death, then it is possible to extract new details from the cloud.

Thank You for reading and listening. :-)

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