List of People that have the name of Martin Vahi

Aug. 05. 1981 -- today,
Me, alive, unless the web site that You are reading has been abandoned.
I was a member of the Estonian Greens party and I have never been a member of the Estonian Reform party.
As of 2012 I haven't noticed that any Information Technology related texts
on the net has been written by any Martin Vahi other than me.

Somewhere in 1985 -- ???
His medical file was accidentally given to me in one medical institution. I gave the file back after finding out that it's not what I needed for my medical procedures.

October. 17. 1989 -- today,
An estonian, who is much better at sprots than I am.
Joined the Estonian Reform party in October 13. 2008.

Mar. 26. 1916 -- Apr. 28. 1993,
Union Cemetery, Middle Island, Suffolk County, New York, USA