About Democracy and Lying, Episode 0

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In stead of the classical structure that consists of introduction, content, summary, this article is written by using the structure of system of equations. Solution, if it exists at all, does not depend on the order of the equations, nor does it depend on the form that the equations have been transformed. I suggest to listen to the


to the background of this article.

Equation 1

Democracy as utilitarianism, where a gang of robbers votes on the destiny of their victim's wallet or a gang of terminally ill people votes, whether a healthy person should loose its life to provide donor organs that save more than one person's life.

Equation 2

The idea that democracy is supposed to differ from utilitarianism by the protection of some rights from the voting process. As the respecting of those rights requires a consensus that is often even harder to achieve than some democratic vote, it is possible to simplify the problem by stating that the protection of non-votable rights of minorities is essentially at the whim of a democratic process, effectively rendering the democracy to utilitarianism.

Equation 3

Take a bunch of dogs or small children and ask them to vote on concepts that they can not possibly understand.

Equation 4

The predictability of a vote, where people vote on whether their neighbor will toil for them as a slave, with the provision that the ones, who vote, will never have to toil for their neighbours and their neighbours are in the minority. The same idea with the vote on whether a war should be waged on some other party. The same in a situation, where a board of hired executives votes on the actions that their hired subordinates have to carry out.

Equation 5


Equation 6

Lying is deception, which is abuse. Dogs and cats are so dumb that a lot of concepts have to be dumbed down for them to the point that the explanation becomes a lie. Therefore, the only way to communicate with some extra stupid or otherwise dumb people is to lie to them. The people might be dumb and stupid not due to their lack of intellectual capability, but due to their choice of not taking their time to think things trough. As people can not be made to take their time for thinking things trough, they have to be coerced by lying to them in the form of dumbed-down explanations.

Equation 7

Cobras and scorpions can be stupid, have a comparatively small amount of nerve cells, but they can still be deadly. There's not much smarts in getting killed by underestimating the danger of such dumb creatures. The same with stupid apes, who happen to use swords, knives, explosives, guns, mines, planes, cannons. When a swarm of cobras crawls one's way, then it's smarter to retreat rather than to try to prove that You can take on all of the snakes. The same with war and war refugees. That does not mean that the snakes should be left to have their way, if proper equipment exists for properly and safely taking care of the snake problem.

Equation 8

Snakes and supermafiosos, generally called, "professional politicians", are not capable of thinking that this world is complex and worrisome enough without the destruction and havoc that they cause.

Equation 9

Laws of nature and mathematics does not depend on their popularity. The majority can be objectively WRONG. As the joke goes: "A million flies can not possibly be mistaken about the fine taste of the pile."

Equation 10

Spying is a preparation for attacking the party being spied upon and/or for dodging from the attacks of the party that is being spied upon. It makes sense to be invisible to sharks, to have privacy from sharks, even if it is not known, whether a shark is near by or not or whether the shark is hungry or not.


To be continued or modified at will.

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