Collection of Project idea Stem-cells, Episode 0

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Gym Replacement for full body Workout

A robotic exo-skeleton that has one software mode for body workout. Any muscle of a human body could be trained by applying precisely measured "weights". Benefits: compact, individualistic, private, precisely measured. It can probably be used even for therapeutic purposes.

I came to that idea by watching a dancer with a skeleton costume, namely, the third dancer from the left, 2. one from the right. I don't know, why he caught my eye. I guess that he was just a bit more in the groove than the rest. :-)

Mass Spectroscopy Based Vacuum Cleaner

A mass spectroscopy based vacuum cleaner. As the dust particles, regardless of their size, are heavier than air, then that filter might be really good. The dust can be placed to an ordinary trash bag, which also eliminates the need for special trash bags. Many old style vacuum cleaners use a centrifugal air pump anyway. The working mode of it might be inspired by the Pulse-Width-Modulation idea: to limit the air-flow, the the air might be sucked in in small chunks that are smoothed out by an air reservoir. During the time, when the air intake valve of the centrifugal air pump is closed, the centrifugal pump accelerates to an "extreme" speed to do the "mass spectroscopy" style of air filtering. The valve does not need to be totally air-tight and its working principle might be inspired by the Nipkow disk.

A car that does not need to be dug out from snow

I think that a proper car for Estonian climate should have legs in addition to wheels. During winter the car would walk from 1m high pile of snow to the part of the road that has been kept clean from snow by road maintenance vehicles. Prior to the waking from a pile of snow to a place, where cars can drive, the car would shake off the snow that is on top of it like dogs shake off water after swimming. Parts of the body of the car might have the same kind of de-icing equipment that wings of planes have. The car should be a hybrid and during winter the batteries of the car might be heated up by a special furnace where a small amount of cheap, dry, wood pellets are automatically lit up by a propane torch. The paint job of the car should consist of solar batteries. The solar batteries allow the car to partly recharge itself during the summer hours that the car spends in parking lot.

Cage/Slat Armour for Ships Against Torpedoes and Rockets

That would probably not work against canon shells, but probably 2. World War ships would have benefited a lot, if they had a cage armour at water level. Another idea in a similar vein is silencers for naval and helicopter and tank guns.

Response to the Various Ethanol and other Recreational Poison Related Repression

Create a genetically modified (GMO) version of some plant that occurs in large quantities in Estonian nature, but can be used the same way that Cannabis can be used. Then just spread it to wild nature. The only limit is that the modifiable plant should not be something that cows and other wild animals prefer to eat. It's not smart to poison the milk and give a blow to agricultural industry. The purpose of the project is to put violent gangsters, both, the small ones that furnish drugs and the super-mafia that tries to limit and blackmail money for it, like it is the case with ethanol, out of _that_ business. As of 2014_11 I support the idea that the super-mafias, generally called as "governments", "authorities", should be put out of _all_ business, but limiting their options at that line of blackmail business is a nice step in the process.

If the pharmaceuticals industry already uses that method for production, then why shouldn't people use it for limiting the business of repressors?

A Weird Idea About Aerodynamics, Version 0

Aerodynamics for cars, planes, trains, rockets, projectiles, etc. seems to be about the force of resistance and the relevant question seems to be, how to minimize the amount of work that is done according to the formula A=F*l or, more precisely, A=integral_dl(F(l)). In gases the energy is spent on heating up the gas and the heating mechanism seems to be the classical gas compression. Therefore, may be the way to write aerodynamics simulation software for gas environments is to use gas pressure, "air pressure", as the parameter for calculating the resistance force and simulation step iterations. Another line of though is that may be liquids, for example, water, has different rules for creating the resistance force, because liquids can not be compressed "that much". May be the most optimal solution for liquids, most "liquid-dynamic" solution, differs from the most optimal solution for gases, the most aero-dynamic solution. May be the swimming capabilities of dolphins give some hints.

Haptics as Market Extender for Image Processing Applications.

If all surfaces of robots were covered with some touch-sensitive sensors, for example, the kind of sensors that are used on touchscreens (4 wires per touchscreen, touch coordinates are calculated from the resistance between the 2 wire pairs), then robots could detect, if they have accidentally knocked someone down. If gun handles and car steering wheels were furnished with touch sensitive surfaces, then cars and guns could probabilistically try to determine, if they have been stolen or not. If a gun can distinguish between the grip of its owner and the grip of others, it can probabilistically prevent a situation, where the owner of the gun is shot by grabbing the gun from the owner and using it against himself. Sonar applications might also be classified to the same class with haptics applications. The "images" from the touch sensitive surfaces and sonar sensors must be processed by some image processing application and that expands the market for image processing applications considerably.

Wall of Blunt Hooks

It would look like the Lego wall, except that the bumps would be pointed slightly upwards.

Battery for Modern Pyramid Doors

Basically, a box of capacitors with some solar cells to compensate the leak current and to run the microcontroller that disconnects the capacitors that fail. It might be a hybrid, where the last resort measure might be a kind of gun powder activated molten salt based battery that is sometimes used in rockets and artillery cells.

Small Drones that are Manufactured from Feathers that are Laying Around on Beaches

Why to pay to patent trolls for advanced biomaterials, if a truly light air frame of a drone can be created from the very best of biomaterials that just lay around in nature? Imagine the weight of a 30cm diameter drone propeller that consists of just 2 feathers. It's probably not that easy to replicate something as strong, durable and light as that by using plastics or wood, not to mention the fact that plastics become brittle in sub-zero temperatures, but proteins, feathers, stay elastic even in harsh winter temperatures. As of 2014_11_19 I( wonder, why model plane hobbyists use only wood, if they could replace some of the wood in their air frames with lighter and stronger feathers. The feathers might be bound together by using the same kind of metal alloys that are used for binding together human bones. No rust, no corrosion, only high strength and durability. :-)

Robotic Life Boats

The lifeboats that were left on the sinking ship, will release themselves from the ship, when the water pressure is equivalent to that of 5m depth. The lifeboats are covered with rubber bumpers to avoid hurting people that are in the water. The bumpers have sensors, so that the life boat knows, if it bumped into something. The lifeboat will automatically try to seek out people, who are still in the water and automatically moves next to swimming people. The propulsion system of the lifeboat is a covered jet shaft, because propellers might injure swimming people.

The technology might also be used at beaches and in a role of a water-taxy.

PCB creator that Creates Tracks by Melting Copper Powder that Rests on Transparent Glass

The light is applied to the powder from beneath, through the piece of glass that will become the PCB. The PCB is designed mainly for surface mount components.


To be continued at will.

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