Description of a Political Dream at 2018_02_07

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The current blog post is not about a "dream" in a context of a "wish" that the Luther Martin King had. This blog post is about a dream in the literal context of sleeping and waking up. I'm writing this text right now literally about 20min after waking up from sleeping. So, I'm really trying hard do describe the dream before I forget it.

Anyways, the dream contains many things and for various reasons I do not want to describe all off them, nor do I describe all of them in detail. I hide some important details by summarizing those things that I am willing to share at my current post. The dream has multiple parts. The first and longest describes different "scientists", who are a bit like pioneering radio inventors, except that they work on some totally new phenomenon that allows people to communicate and share ideas, basically they work on something that is a technical prerequisite for creating the Internet. Radio did allow mass communication, massive exchange of ideas, and it was certainly the liberating communication technology before the Internet. At one scene of my dream one of the pioneering "scientists" creates a photo of his invention for his "scientific paper", but in stead of making just a photo, he chooses the view angle of the photo so that his wife would understand the construction of a rope/wire based soft antenna more easily. His wife helps him to construct the rope based antenna system.

After the communication system, which is probably the Internet, has taken off, there is a scheme from a totally different era. A modern shopping mall, where, for some weird reason, different U.S. presidents, all do their daily shopping at the same time, stuffing their bags/shopping carts and choosing, what to buy. Some paparazzis casually walk around and take photos of them, but since almost nothing changes in the scene, the paparazzis get bored and walk away, because they already have the photos of the shopping presidents and nothing else interesting is going on. The mall is not empty, nor is it very crowded. The presidents walk casually like ordinary people, without being sealed in by a wall of journalists, but occasionally some individual journalists do try to interview some of the presidents. At some point one of the journalists does an elevator interview with the Hilary Clinton by riding along with her at an ascending elevator and having its camera drone do the filming by following the ascending elevator at the outside of the elevator. After the Hillary Clinton has used some elegant diplomatic language for expressing her view that it would be more comfortable and easier for her, if the Baltic States just did not rock the boat and continued staying part of the Soviet Union in stead of breaking loose from the regime that suppresses free exchange of ideas and intellectual discourse, my dream ends with the camera view from the flying camera drone and a tune of "Baltimora - Tarzan Boy". The only lyrics from that song, apart from the "oeoe" part, that were clearly present, recognizable, in my dream were the following two fragments: "night to night", "give me the other, give me the other". The feeling, emotion, during the song scene in my dream was that, OK, You guys have your old and STUFFY politics, but we here have a free and FRESH and LIBERATING AWAKENING from the suppressive regime that stumped on free thought and free discussion and we're not going to take this same-old-same-old for an answer. And then I woke up from the dream.

The first thing I did, after waking up, was to search the lyrics of the song. I used the phrase "night to night lyrics" and found the song quickly. What truly amazed me about this dream was that the song at the end of my dream, the "Baltimora - Tarzan Boy", is a song that I really do not remember myself listening within the past few years. Sometimes I've been searching for the songs of my teenage years, the 90-ties, from YouTube and I do not remember that the "Baltimora - Tarzan Boy" had ever been part of the search results. I'm amazed that my subconscious mind dug that song up in such detail after that long time period. At first I was thinking that I'll just tweet that the link between the liberating free exchange of ideas and freedom from free expression suppressing regime and the Baltimora Tarzan Boy song is interesting, but as You can see from my current blog post, the twitter medium is not able to convey the though. So I set my filter coffee machine ready for preparing coffee for me, sat down and wrote all of the current text in a row. I guess that I've probably spent about 45min in a row writing this text here. I haven't picked up my "morning" coffee yet, it's 4.45AM right now, so I'll get my coffee now, then I'll record the song from Youtube and post this text. I won't be correcting any mistakes in this text, because I want it to be genuine, a set of first, uncorrected, unstructured, strain of thoughts that came to my mind. It does not contain everything that I saw in the dram, for example, I skipped over a scene, where a jet fighter like plane has been built to become an ordinary, big, but very light-weight, TRUCK-size passenger car that also serves as a "family car". The TRUCK like light passenger car has huge truck wheel like wheels that get retracted not to the region, where they connect to the plane , but they get conveyed to a "chargo area" of the plane and the wings of the plane get extracted the same way: they get railed automatically to their correct places before takeoff, while they are stored at the bottom of the plane during the car mode.

Thank You for reading my post :-)

P.S. I find it also interesting that the name of the artist/band, "Baltimora" sounds a lot like "Baltic states", "Balti riigid", "Baltic countries", "Baltimaad", "Baltikum". May be the subconscious part of my brain also used that, when generating a dream about breaking loose from the Soviet suppression of free though and the suppression of free information exchange. May be the 90-ties efforts towards free information exchange was subconsciously such a huge part of the Estonian de facto culture, that projects like the "Internet connection for all schools"("Tiigrihüppe projekt", "Tiger jump/leap project") were culturally subconsciously taken as a selfevident necessity.

(Puase of writing, I'm working on other things.)

I'ts 14:52 of the very same day. I saved the text above as a draft at the early morning/night. Meanwhile it occurred to me that the Russian word for the English word "sea" is "море"(a link to pronunciation), which is very similar to the "mora" part at the "Baltimora", and there is the "Baltic sea"(archival copy) and it just so happens that the only and main enemy of the Baltic people is the Kreml, Russia. Talking about subconscious pattern recognition...

Update on 2018_02_08 at 20:35.

I just woke up and this time I woke up from a nightmare about war between Estonia and Russia. I won't describe all of the details, but the beautified and simplified summary of the nightmare, yes, _beautified_, is that there is urban war going on, the Estonian supermafia/government war preparation is so inadequate that some Estonian soldiers are out of ammunition, without information, where the enemy is at the urban environment and they panic to the point that the only thing at the urban front line that fights against the Russian army is a set of secretly prepositioned and remotely operated set of ROBOTIC SNIPERS that were prepositioned by "private sector" actors. A theme of the nightmare is also that not only do the robotic sniper operators have to fight the Russian army, but they also have to dodge being undermined or stopped by the social processes that are related to the Estonian supermafia/government or related to the idiot-blue-black-white-patriots from outside of the Estonian supermafia/government circles. Estonian supermafia army personnel accuses the remote sniper operators of being some sort of privileged, out of the system, elite that can operate outside of the limits set by the Estonian supermafia "rules". The private sector remote sniper operators, the "elite" that "does not have to" adhere to the regular rules of the Estonian supermafia, is at the verge of being accused of being traitors. (The context of the Estonian version of the accusation of being a traitor is that the Estonian 2. World War era history is that whenever possible, traitors were executed by Estonian partisans in a "citizen arrest" manner on site, without much discussion, often times secretly, with an effort to keep the executors' identity a secret.) The main lesson from the nightmare is electronically operated conditional area accessibility/deniability combined with remotely operated, optionally autonomous, shooting equipment. For example, "light" anti-personnel grenades with electronic fuses can act as "mines" by letting Estonian army personnel and local inhabitants pass and by exploding whenever Russian army robots/canon_fodder tries to use the guarded passage at a staircase of a multistory apartment building.

Here's an actual footage(original YouTube source) of Estonian professional soldiers in combat in Afghanistan. Please note, how they are shooting a lot of ammunition without knowing, where to shoot, without seeing the enemy. Please also note, how they stupidly risk their lives by operating the guns manually in stead of using robots for shooting the guns.

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