Descriptions of Various Dreams, Episode 0

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The purpose of this article is to collect descriptions of some of the weirder dreams that I have had. This article will be modified, updated according to the dreams that I see.

A link to an earlier entry titled A set of Weird Dreams Between 14.05.2010 and 15.05.2010. The most noteworthy idea in that dream was the hybrid virus that acted as computer virus and biological virus at the same time while being able to migrate between the 2 forms and becoming an artificial intelligence entity at an environment, where there is an abundance of computing resources.


I bought an ice-cream. The ice-cream was free of preservatives and other artificial crap and I saw, how the sales lady mixed fresh, intact, blueberries into the ice-cream. The sales lady in the dream looked a lot like the people at the local pharmacy store in the real world. What makes this dream noteworthy is that after paying for the ice-cream and receiving the ice-cream, the sales lady offered me anti-allergy drug, in powder form, the way sugar is offered at café-s. She said that it's part of the ice-cream deal. The powder was in the same kind of small paper bag that sugar is offered at gas stations and café-s. She recommended that I just drop some of the powder on top of my ice-cream. When I looked at my ice-cream that I held on my hand, I saw the cold scars that I tend to get in real life and realized, in my dream, that the sales lady was trying to do a good job by trying to make sure that no harm will come to her clients from using her products, the ice-cream.


A war time "safe house" and a bunker for dissidents, called in a dream as "Deskless fortress Boatanica V", is like a ship, built from metal the same way ships are build, except that it's static, huge like huge ships are, has multi-story hallways, with a twist that the in-house, multi-story, hallways are as huge as narrower streets of Venice and the style of the interior is that of the mystical submarine Nautilus of captain Nemo, the same submarine that the publicly-first nuclear submarine probably got its name from. The hallways, which can be crossed with boats, have dark green theme with yellowish lights and green swamp plants growing on some of the walls. The swamp plants are well groomed, like bushes and trees are groomed in a well maintained gardens, id est the species are wild, but the water-hallways have order like well maintained gardens do. Rooms of the bunker/safehouse are like old sci-fi "intentor's house", except in color and despite the name of the place, "Deskless fortress Boatanica V", the rooms have desks and the sea-shell style, comfortable, armchairs. At one of the scenes a well fit woman, may be in her 20-ties, probably 30-ties, in a light-brownish, almost white, dress types "A version of a new constitution" on a typewriter that creates punched cards in parallel with the text that is being typed. The punched cards allow keystrokes to be replayed later and that functionality allows the typewriters to be used as "printers-that-read-the-document-file-from-punched-cards" for typing multiple copies of the typed document. As she works on her documents, her thoughts are read out by a female voice that looks exactly like the voice in the movie titled "Graf Zeppelin 1929 Around Globe Trip, Full Documentary".

The document is meant to be sent to someone, but she is in a hurry, doing it in a hurry like people do their school essays, except that she does not cut corners. She worries that the new version of the constitution does not reach the person, who is her partner at the establishment of the new order, in time. She has sent him one constitution before and hastily writes notes, describing, which version of the constitution should be chosen at which circumstances. The bunker, the "Deskless fortress Boatanica V", is left unnoticed by all bombers, probably because of the camouflage, but the outside of the facility has the hum of the 2. World war propeller planes all around. There are multiple entries to the bunker: an ordinary and "boring one" from the land and a one for boats, a bit like the Balaklava submarine base has, except that the interior is classy, waterways are in a form of a water-garden and the bomb protection of the "Deskless fortress Boatanica V" are shoddy, crappy.

2018_05_17 update.

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To be continued at will.

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