Deterioration of NetBeans at the Oracle

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NetBeans 6.8 is the latest NetBeans release that the Sun Microsystems released.

As of April 2013 the NetBeans version 6.8 is the last version that contains a PHP formatter that keeps all single line comments at the same line with the text that precedes the comment. In another words, NetBeans verson 7.0 and later versions preceding April 20 2013 convert a code like

private function hello_world() {
	return 'Hi!';
} // hello_world


private function hello_world() {
	return 'Hi!';
// hello_world

The Navigator tool of the NetBeans 6.8 is cabable of listing the following JavaScript functions:

raudrohi.base.assert_isString =
function (some_list_of_attrs) {
    // some stuff
} // raudrohi.base.assert_isString

raudrohi.base.assert_isArray =
function (some_list_of_attrs) {
    // some stuff
} // raudrohi.base.assert_isArray

but the NetBeans version 7.3 Navigator does not display them.

In version 7 the Oracle NetBeans team dropped Ruby support.

To top it all up, the following is a screenshot of the NetBeans main home page on April 20, 2013:

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The 2 minor issues you are complaining about have not been filed with bugzilla, so how do you expect them to be fixed if nobody filed the issues? You took more time to write this nonsense than to report the issues.

Also the NetBeans website was recently moved to a new server and is faster than before. I visited the website on the 20th and it worked just. Your implication of deterioration and neglect of the website is horse-feathers-FUD.

2013-04-25 2:49 am

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