List of my Dreams that have been Implemented by Others, Episode 0

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About in 2001 I dreamt of a coffee shop, where people can listen to music all the time without ever needing to listen to the same song twice. I did not like, how radio stations repeat the same songs all over again. In 2015 there is mobile internet and YouTube that brings that dream into reality as a byproduct.

Once upon a time I was thinking that if I were a professional singer, then I would try to do the singing and some physically elaborate break-dancing at the same time and really aim for fine tunes and fine dance. In 2015 there's Chris Brown, who does exactly that, almost perfectly, at the very limits of human capability. Amazing.

In about 2002, about the era, when Nokia phones were the top brass, I dreamt that mobile phones contained a GPS module and anybody could write custom software that can use it. The "smartphones" and Android operating system made that dream come true. Back at the time I was dreaming of an application that would notify me in Tartu, when any of my friends were near by so that I might chat with them. I guess that the "wearable computers" have also materialized by 2015 in various forms.

Light Emitting Diode (LED) based lightning seemed science fiction for quite some time. Yet, nowadays LED bulbs can be bought from supermarkets like pencils, paper, bananas, apples. I remember my secondary school physics teacher, Valdo Väinaste, telling us at his lecture in 1997 or 1998 that due to energy efficiency out of the "currently" widely known technology the LED's are the best and that in the future general lightning might be implemented by using LED-s in stead of the technologies of the technology that he told us at his "today's" lecture. He died of cancer before the LED lamps came to reality. He did not even have a chance to see LED flash-lights.

2015 Programming language design tools are amazing, if compared to the various options in 2001. Even programming languages themselves have become much more elegant. For example, the fixed precision numbers have always disturbed me at applications programming, but Ruby uses proper character encodings and infinite precision numbers by default. A real blessing, compared to the traditional approach.

I guess that I take some of the implementations of my former dreams for granted already and that's the reason, why I can't recall and list them here. As of 2015_09 I have many dreams that have not come to reality yet and most of them are related to software infrastructure, sometimes indirectly, but I do see trends in development that help to overcome those issues. For example a vary promising set of components is the set of various "theorem provers". If the "theorem prover" development is combined with other branches of mathematics, then the game at all technology fronts, physics, chemistry, software development, etc. is likely to change substantially and, yes, just like people at old Nokia times were not even able to imagine the world of Android applications, most people do not have a clue, what that next, soon-to-be-happening, milestone in base technology will bring to humanity. At least, that's my guess in 2015_09.

Thank You for reading this text. :-)

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