Materialistic Wealth Versus Economy, Episode X1

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As the economics is a study of exchange, the materialistic wealth is not the same as economic well-being. Economic well-being is expressed in the availability of the computer-game point-sum called money. Materialistic wealth is expressed in the capability to use materialistic resources. (The capability to use resources assumes the availability of the resources.) You can look up the various examples about Silicon Valley and New York yourself and if You can understand Estonian, You might read about the New York case even from my blog, but the main point, where I want to get is, that unless people want to live like the 2016 oil-Saudis, who use slave labor from China and India to toil for them, or unless You want to live like a loan shark, generally called as "venture capitalist", often also called as "bankster"(bank gangster), the only way to increase the materialistic prosperity is to increase the level of automation, make the machines toil for humans.

The rest is philosophy. The people, who like to have slaves, develop skills for handling them. The slave processing department is generally called "Human Resources". As with all properly working farmers, the cattle is being constantly monitored, the sick are weed out and executed before they cause any losses to the farm, the young are bred to make sure that the cattle does not die out, etc. (The most vivid illustration of the farm can be seen from the 1975 movie titled A Boy and His Dog by looking about 10min of the movie starting at 1h 2min 33s.) Those, who want to treat others the way themselves like to be treated have to rely on automation and accept the fact that as long as the scull of a single person has a finite size and therefore can contain a finite number of brain cells that work with finite "speed", people have to rely on each other for solving tasks that require mental work. Mental work includes designing the production arrangements, supply chains, factory setup, sales processes. The doctors of the future might not be spending their time on cutting people in operating rooms and closing their wounds, but they will certainly be researching, what the machines should do for the doctors. The job of a cook will never go away either, despite kitchen automation. Probably the future cooks will learn also psychology, marketing, art and spend some time at the same lectures, where doctors learn the basics of human intestines and neurology. Cooks might specialize like doctors and IT-people do: some might specialize on the diet of professional athletes, some might specialize on the diet of elderly people, some might specialize on the diet of babies, etc.

The really tough question is, will the apes in the jungle be able or be interested in creating that kind of ape-colony or is it so that tools and monetary aid will be absolutely USELESS or yield very little results? In 2016 in IT it often seems to me that even the stark warnings of Edward Snowden and alike are not getting the people to care about security and reliability of software and hardware. High-schools, university lecturers, etc. can talk all they want about optimization, people even pass those courses and understand the math, yet, when it comes to actually applying the math in practical life, then some stupid emotions are set to higher priority than everything that the people had ever learned at the various schools and educational events. I repeat: rational calculations are discarded in favor of adherence to social hierarchies and social interaction. Psychologists say: that's the way this wolrd is, live with it, adopt Yourself to it. I say: that kind of world is not going to yield technically good results and is not capable of advancing in technical terms with the pace that is needed for creating the technically advanced colony that I am dreaming of in 2016. I guess, just like small insects have not totally died out during the evolution of life on Earth, the Silicon Valley style cowboy analytics based "innovation" of superficial throw-away-projects will stay around for a long-long time, may be even fed upon. In 2016_09 I believe that a new social colony will emerge that will consist of people, who can actually calmly sit down, analyse, assemble long-term strategies, constantly re-evaluate previous strategies as new data becomes available, and then actually carry out the updated version of the long-term strategy in stead of falling for emotions, giving up during short-term hardships.

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