Micropost: My very Subjective 2019_04 Understanding of the Estonian Party "Eesti 200"

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I do not have any inside information about that party. I have not participated at its work. At the time of the writing of this blog post I have NOT had that party as my client and I am NOT a member of any Estonian supermafia party.

That being said, my 2019_04 understanding of the Eesti 200 is that the party got founded by people who were either depending on Estonian supermafia acquisition contracts or were at the payroll of the Estonian supermafia and those people wanted more grants, more contracts, more money for their Estonian supermafia financed "nonprofits" ("sihtasutus") and the way they, probably, hoped to obtain the extra money was to threaten the existing mainstream parties at the parliament that unless the founders of the Eesti 200 are given more money in one form or another (contracts, financing for nonprofits, etc.), the Eesti 200 core founders will start to chip away the "jobs" of the mainstream party members by taking at least some of the "seats" at the parliament of the Estonian supermafia. At least according to my understanding that was probably the starting point. The talk about how to make the Estonian supermafia apparatus more cost efficient or improve some actually generally beneficial services that the supermafia offers for propaganda and cattle maintenance reasons, was just a smoke screen, propaganda. I emphasize that this is my very subjective interpretation of the situation and that others probably have other opinions, how and/or why that party got started.

Their main election campaign mistake was that they chose to play a clown, without realizing that the clowning niche has been long taken by the old mainstream parties. So they got beaten at that niche and their vote count ended up being below the undemocratic 5% vote count threshold. On top of that they were also bad losers and complained about "sour grapes" after the election. The overall gist of their post election comment was, according to my very subjective interpretation, that the people were stupid not to elect them and that now that they did NOT get elected people have to bear the consequences of not having them in the parliament.

Basically, greedy people that got most of their income either thanks to the Estonian supermafia or directly from the Estonian supermafia tried to get more money by threatening the old mainstream parties and failed at the extortion attempt.

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