Minu(Martin Vahi) 2020_05_06 ekraanivideokommentaar Eestis arendatavate programmeerimiskeelte teemal

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It's for the Estonian audience only. The contemplation is that if mainstream Western programming languages are not as nice as one would like, then why hasn't any Estonian developed a better programming language and the rest of the tools that are needed for using the custom programming language. The conclusion is that during Soviet Union times the Estonians were too poor to own computers and even if people had access to computers, the Soviet regime with its censorship and other repressive measures made a lot of applications useless. Text processing and email software was certainly not an option in the Soviet censorship circumstances. Accountancy software would have given the Moscow/Kremlin regime too good overview of how the locals at the occupied territories "stole" back what they self earned, so computerized accountancy was out of the question even if the Soviet regime wanted to computerize all accountancy in the Soviet Union. Most of the screen-video is a demo of my former school project from a very distant past, an interpreter of my own programming language. The purpose of the demo is to support the argument that if a 3. year, may be 2. year, IT-student, me back in year 2002, can/could/was_able_to implement a shoddy interpreter of his own programming language during one summer, then creating a proper, custom, programming language within a year or two is certainly a technically and financially attainable project for any Estonian university.

The video was originally created as a video-email-response at a semi-private communication thread, but I recorded it so that I could reuse it to avoid re-explaining the same thoughts to other people. After watching it again, I came to a conclusion that I might as well publish it at my blog, because it doesn't really contain anything that delicate and the topic of depending on Western technology that does not meet the Estonian requirements tends to come up in discussions with other Estonians. Thank You for reading this text.

The link to the video.

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