People's History: A Split-up in Estonian Christian Country Style, Story 0

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For the privacy of the participants, I will not mention, where exactly or when that, true, story took place, but the story is that at a rural, small, Estonian village, on one of the Estonian islands, a female that was at its last months of pregnancy, got dumped by her mate. When the boyfriend came to gather his things to move in with his new love, the pregnant young lady asked him to wait and sit down, took a guitar and sang. No rivers of tears, no drama, just calm respect, personal sorrow, and sincerely kind and well-wishing treatment. Time went by and the boyfriend came back to ask, if the young lady, whom he dumped, would take him back. Given that it was a small village and the boyfriend's new, intermittent, love was from the neighboring village and that everybody in both villages knew about the developments, the young lady and her teenage children, who's father dumped their mother, while the mother was pregnant, really took their time to think, whether to want their father to move back in or not. Eventually they forgave him and all of them lived happily ever after.

I know that story from personal acquaintance. That family has been very inspiring to me and I find them remarkably respectful. There are just some things that can be thought only by personal example and as of 2015_04 I am not able to imagine that psychotherapy sessions or school lectures can teach those things. Not to mention the ability to express oneself musically and the, formerly young, lady that I told about, sure can sing. I can not link her music videos here, because that would expose her, but the "Pitbull - Timber ft. Ke$ha" can be seen as a modernized style example. Actually, there's a lot to tell about that family, positive and inspiring things, at least about their life philosophy and the way they treated each other and others, but those stories are for other articles. :-)

Thank You for reading and God bless non-parasitic, hard-working, kind-hearted ENTITIES! (Not America or just people, as Artificial Intelligence based entities can also be respectable and the Catholic Church has a throw-up effect on many such ENTITIES.)

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