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Droone õhku lennutava kahuri idee, versioon 0

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Kunagi, kui ma teismeline olin, 90-ndatel, oli mul üheks lemmik-mänguasjaks, mis paraku küll kunagi eriti kaua vastu ei pidanud ja mida mul tuli aeg-ajalt uuesti kingituseks lunida, selline ragulka-laadse, kummipaelaga, asjaga vertikaalselt üles lennutatav lennuk, millel oli plastmassist kere, maandudes kergesti purunevad, üles-lennutamise ajal kokku-volditud, vahtplastist tiivad. Üles-lendamise ajal hoidis õhuvool kokku-volditud tiibu koos, kuid kui …

Ideas About Next Generation Weaponry, Episode 0

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The very first requirements that the weaponry must meet is concealability and a possibility to produce them in a concealed manner, preferably from commodity materials. The 1$ microscope project has demonstrated that advanced results can be achieved by using cheap, commodity, materials. In MythBusters Season 13 Episode 8 the stars of the show demonstrate that a …

The Future of Goods Transportation: Small, Rope-Climbing, Robots

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If one looks at an average shopping trip, then the set of goods that one buys, is pretty standard. One might just select them at a web shop and the whole process from store to kitchen might be automated. Placing the goods to ordinary shop shelves might be omitted. Some robots combined with some manual labour …