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How the Russian Colony Fails, Episode 0

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The current blog post is inspired by the Oliver Stone Putin Interviews. The failure of Russia is probably an everlasting topic that will probably be discussed till the Russian Empire collapses like the Roman Empire collapsed. As of 2017_07 I believe that one of the best explanations of the failure of the Russian Empire is given …

Materialistic Wealth Versus Economy, Episode X1

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As the economics is a study of exchange, the materialistic wealth is not the same as economic well-being. Economic well-being is expressed in the availability of the computer-game point-sum called money. Materialistic wealth is expressed in the capability to use materialistic resources. (The capability to use resources assumes the availability of the resources.) You can look …

An idea About Group Relationships, Episode 0

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The main idea of this blog post is that regardless of the fact, whether the relationships between members of a group are coercive or not, the relationships are always an intellectual phenomena that can have very many different versions. Coercive examples are various states and pirate ships, from Egyptian and Mayan pharaohs and priests to Islam, …