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Minu(Martin Vahi) 2020_05_06 ekraanivideokommentaar Eestis arendatavate programmeerimiskeelte teemal

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It's for the Estonian audience only. The contemplation is that if mainstream Western programming languages are not as nice as one would like, then why hasn't any Estonian developed a better programming language and the rest of the tools that are needed for using the custom programming language. The conclusion is that during Soviet Union times …

People's History: A Split-up in Estonian Christian Country Style, Story 0

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For the privacy of the participants, I will not mention, where exactly or when that, true, story took place, but the story is that at a rural, small, Estonian village, on one of the Estonian islands, a female that was at its last months of pregnancy, got dumped by her mate. When the boyfriend came to …

Ideas About Next Generation Weaponry, Episode 0

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The very first requirements that the weaponry must meet is concealability and a possibility to produce them in a concealed manner, preferably from commodity materials. The 1$ microscope project has demonstrated that advanced results can be achieved by using cheap, commodity, materials. In MythBusters Season 13 Episode 8 the stars of the show demonstrate that a …