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The case for Cheap Industrial Robots, Episode 0

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A straightforward argument is that the cheaper the robots, the easier it is for poor people to obtain them for starting their business. However, that is overly simplistic and the point of this blog post is to explain that even if there is a lot of money available for the initial investment, there is a dire …

Calculated Ownership Company (CalCo)

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On 2016_11_23 I sent the following letter to many Estonian politicians. The letter was titled "EU eesistumise agenda ettevalmistusidee" (English: "An idea About Preparing the Agenda for the EU Leadership Period")

Summary of the Blue Ocean Strategy

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In stead of playing a null sum game in the "blood-red" ocean, where sharks fight with each other for the market share, the blue ocean strategy is to look at the "red ocean" and list as many segments of "non-customers" of the red ocean as possible. The non-customers are all of those people that are not …