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Poliitiline lõrin kombineeritult populaarteadusliku selgitusega, mis asjad on interpretaator, translaator ning kompilaator, episood 01

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Micro-summary in English

The Future of Security Audits, Episode 0

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As software grows larger and larger, there is no chance that people are able to manually audit code. Just like people make syntax mistakes, people make semantics mistakes, mis-design and mis-understand design patterns. It is not possible to manually re-audit huge projects after updates, corrections, "corrections" and refactoring. Nor is it possible to reaudit huge projects …

List of the most Worthless Terms in IT

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In the context of this article the worthlessness is defined as a lack of limits. For example, if the words "horse", "lion", "wolf", "red-head", "granny", "snow-white", "prince", were all replaced with the word "animal", then what would the stories be like? "Wolf ate a lamb" would become: "An animal ate an animal". "A dog chased a …