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Description of one of my Nightmares: I do not make any Difference to this World

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At 2016_09 I'm 35 years old, at least if my calculations are correct. I'm born 1981_08_05. I do not consider 35 years of age to be young, but I do not consider it to be old either. Essentially the nightmare that I have had from time to time was that I as an old man, may …

Just Another Thought About the Essence of Life and what does Mathematics have to do with it

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This blog post is partly inspired by the 1979 movie, The Black Hole, where a murderous physicist hopes to take a spacecraft from one universe that has one set of rules to another universe that has a different set of rules.

The Meaning of life, Version 2

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As of 2013_04_27 I haven't given up on the version 1 of the "Meaning of life", but the version 1 does not seem to be achievable due to a considerable amount of problems that seem to eliminate pretty much all of the fun from life. Hence the version 2 here.