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R2D2 Complement Number Encoding Format

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R2-D2(archival copy) is a droid from StarWars. William Byrd is a person, who created a video titled Relational Programming in miniKanren by William Byrd, Part 1/2 and as of 2017_01 he is also the owner of the site minikanren.org(archival copy). The encoding format described in this blog post is totally useless from speed optimization point of …

Uniformly Distributed Random Numbers and Random Bitstreams

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To many people the problem that is discussed in this article is self-evident or at least irrelevant. However, I do have a teaser that got me thinking on this problem.

Just Another Thought About the Essence of Life and what does Mathematics have to do with it

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This blog post is partly inspired by the 1979 movie, The Black Hole, where a murderous physicist hopes to take a spacecraft from one universe that has one set of rules to another universe that has a different set of rules.