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Why Freelance Software Developers Should not use the Java Programming Language, rant_x01

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Apart from the political reasons(some contrast, archival copy, link to the video segment), the reason is that Java stdlib gets broken in a regular manner(as described in 2017 by the Chief Architect of the Oracle Java Paltform Group, Mark Rainhold) and if that change breaks some of the dependencies of the software that the freelancer creates, …

The Future of Security Audits, Episode 0

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As software grows larger and larger, there is no chance that people are able to manually audit code. Just like people make syntax mistakes, people make semantics mistakes, mis-design and mis-understand design patterns. It is not possible to manually re-audit huge projects after updates, corrections, "corrections" and refactoring. Nor is it possible to reaudit huge projects …

Who cares about (and pays for) "quality"?

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According to marketing people "quality" is a subjective measure and it is not necessarily a synonym for "reliability". On the other hand, if the amount of "functionality" is constant and markup is a fixed percentage of the price, then the reliability tends to correlate with price, e.g. the higher the reliability, the higher the price. At …