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The case for Cheap Industrial Robots, Episode 0

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A straightforward argument is that the cheaper the robots, the easier it is for poor people to obtain them for starting their business. However, that is overly simplistic and the point of this blog post is to explain that even if there is a lot of money available for the initial investment, there is a dire …

Ideas About Next Generation Weaponry, Episode 0

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The very first requirements that the weaponry must meet is concealability and a possibility to produce them in a concealed manner, preferably from commodity materials. The 1$ microscope project has demonstrated that advanced results can be achieved by using cheap, commodity, materials. In MythBusters Season 13 Episode 8 the stars of the show demonstrate that a …

The Future of Goods Transportation: Small, Rope-Climbing, Robots

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If one looks at an average shopping trip, then the set of goods that one buys, is pretty standard. One might just select them at a web shop and the whole process from store to kitchen might be automated. Placing the goods to ordinary shop shelves might be omitted. Some robots combined with some manual labour …