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Description of a Political Dream at 2018_02_07

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The current blog post is not about a "dream" in a context of a "wish" that the Luther Martin King had. This blog post is about a dream in the literal context of sleeping and waking up. I'm writing this text right now literally about 20min after waking up from sleeping. So, I'm really trying hard …

How the Russian Colony Fails, Episode 0

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The current blog post is inspired by the Oliver Stone Putin Interviews. The failure of Russia is probably an everlasting topic that will probably be discussed till the Russian Empire collapses like the Roman Empire collapsed. As of 2017_07 I believe that one of the best explanations of the failure of the Russian Empire is given …

What made America Great for People Living Under Russian Occupation in the Soviet Union, Idea 0

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My thoughts started to wonder around the Donald Trump's propaganda slogan, the "Let's make America Great Again", but not in the context that his Public Relations advisers probably thought of it, but from the perspective of a person, who has lived in the Soviet Union (I'm an Estonian, born in 1981), seen the transition from a …