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Poliitiline lõrin kombineeritult populaarteadusliku selgitusega, mis asjad on interpretaator, translaator ning kompilaator, episood 01

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Micro-summary in English

Mõtteid eestlaste iseseisvusest, episood 0

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I write this blog post mostly in Estonian, because the text has a very local context and even the Estonian-English dictionary translations of the words will not properly convey all of the meaning of this text, because part of the meaning of this text is based on intimate knowledge of Estonian culture. The core statement of …

Why the United States Federal Debt can be a Good Thing

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If the overall tax rate is more than 50% and the market and the prices on that market are the same for everybody, then it is guaranteed that the State Apparatus has superiority over all parties at that population. In those market conditions the over 50% overall tax rate makes sure that "the people" WILL NEVER …