The Limits of Public Communication, Contemplation 1

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To make it easier to understand the rest of the text in this blog post, I say it straight out that physical violence has more applications than just enforcement of economic interests. It's not possible to go to a neo-Nazi bar, declare that Jews and gays are OK and then expect to get out of there without having any physically violent encounters. The reason, why I avoided Churches for this example and used the neo-Nazi bar as an example is that in the case of the Churches and States there exists an opportunity for the economic argument, but the unorganized semi-drunk neo-Nazi bums do not win anything economically by beating up people, who disagree with the neo-Nazi beliefs. Another view is that it is not possible to include gorillas in the team of scientists as researchers (and not test subjects, who will be tortured to death), because the gorillas are so stupid and mentally limited that they endanger the scientists in stead of helping with research. Add to that an observation that not even people with university level education can tolerate opinions that differ "too much" from their personal beliefs and it becomes even clearer that it is not possible to use one's real identity for (totally) freely publishing one's thoughts in space that is accessible to everybody.

Another issue that complicates the matter is the lack of personal search engines and the lack of skills to use the tools that are available. To understand that issue, it is important to understand that a query is a filter that is applied to a whole data set, meanng, there is no difference, whether the talk is about filters or search engines. Another technical aspect that is relevant in this contemplation is that it is possible to generate spam texts by using parts of texts that have already passed the spam filters. The idea that spam e-mail can be filtered by analyzing the content of the e-mail is fundamentally flawed. In this context there's no difference, whether the talk is about e-mails, forum comments, blog posts, chat-room comments. The fact that people lack the tools and skills for creating their own "internet bubbles"(information space) that are controlled by them, not Google, means that all "crap" (however anyone defines "crap") ends up in the information space of the people without their consent. Add to that some lack of debating skills and the end result is the neo-Nazi bar scene.

In 2016 the public internet, as we knew it in 1995, is already being controlled by the party, who can inflict the most violence. It is only a matter of time, when communication equipment owners are coerced to place government monitoring modules to their equipment just like the telecommunications companies are doing it in 2016. At first it is un-economical to require that every device from the category of the Internet of Things has a metadata listening module, but that can be overcome by requiring all semiconductor foundries to follow the same kind of laws that paper-document printer manufacturers follow. As digital electronics becomes really-really cheap, it will become economically possible to require that every chip that includes a CPU or substantial amount of digital circuits, includes a proper metadata listening block and no chip is authorized for production without some CE/FCC style approval, where it is technically verified that the metadata interception device is properly integrated to the chip. Chips that do not include the interception device, can be declared illegal like drugs and "illegal weapons". People, software developers, hardware developers, who use those or who design those, can be repressed like weapons "smugglers" and drug lords. Recalling the Soviet Union times, the prosecution of developers, who developed anti-surveillance/anti-censorship measures, is not a stretch, but a historic fact. Sometimes the repressions can be carried out retro-actively, like the Stalin induced renditions of Estonian small business owners from Estonia to Siberia, where people died of hunger and decease. The old Chinese style of killing thousands of academics just to get rid of some academic opinion from public consciousness is also a fitting example.

As of 2016_06 my take on it is that the social demand for censorship and the repression of people, who fight censorship, certainly exists and there exists an arms race between the censorship enforcers and the parties, who develop anti-censorship measures. I believe that the main reason, why the Western super-mafiosi do not simply shoot and/or imprison everyone, who develops proper anti-censorship measures, is that they have figured out that if they do that, then they loose the arms race that takes place between the Western super-mafiosi themselves. It is a long known public fact that the Pentagon finances the development of Tor, through DARPA. The western style military control systems require free flow of information, but the best, at least most rigorous, people, who are capable of developing such systems are not so fond of the restrictions that the censorship imposes on them. At least one of those people(archival copy) even thought that the results of scientific research should be distributed without any restrictions. As of 2016 I guess that this also explains the fact that Tor developers are not as hunted as the Edward Snowden, the Julian Assange, the Bradley/Chelsea Manning are.

Another line of thought is that ants in the forest are not killed by intellectually far superior humans not because the humans are not capable of killing them, but because the humans just do not care. That's also the reason, why more capable aliens or future artificial intelligence might not kill the whole human race, but only part of it. A dictator has many interesting things to think about and not all types of dissidents, "insects", catch that kind of attention, specially, if the dictator is too stupid to even understand the activity of the dissidents. an "average" 21. century super-mafioso is a party broiler, bureaucrat, an ex-specialist at best, and even if he/she has a diploma or a scientific degree, then, with some exceptions, the only reason, why he/she is in politics is that he/she failed at the real job. An excuse that we need those pesky buggers, disgusting scientists and engineers and alike, to beat the neighboring mafia gang, might be sufficient for many mafiosi, provided that the mafiosi are smart enough.

Interestingly the Владимир Владимирович Путин does not seem to need scientists. The main export product of Russia is oil. Old oil fields of Russia are depleting and investments that are needed for taking new oil fields to use are lacking. And all of that while, supposedly, Путин's "pet project" is to make Russian Army strong, technically superior to that of the West. Водка? Путин even shut down the Skolkovo project and pretty much the only really good thing that was left of Russian engineering, its aviation industry, is struggling to find Russian subcontractors. During the soviet era Russia was at the leading edge of robotics. The Soviet Union had moon rovers that the West lacked the technology for, but at the start of the 21. century the Russian aviation industry still depends on ridiculously huge amounts of manual labor.

The Russian case is an interesting data-point in a sense that it demonstrates, how a super-mafiosi imposed censorship eliminates the possibilities of scientists to earn a proper living by offering their services globally, over the internet. The result is a collapse of previously relatively prosperous scientific communities. The scientists/engineers can not work "under ground" either, because they can not receive the payments without being caught by the KGB/FSB and even if they had some way to receive the money "legally", there would be no point of investing it to their equipment and laborotories, because the property rights are not properly protected. Their only options are to stick to software development, like the JetBrains people from the Saint Petersburg have done, or to emigrate, like the Гарри Кимович Каспаров did(archival copy) or to find a way, how to get the Kremlin mafia out of their town while keeping the communication channels and transportation routes to the rest of the world open.

The requirement for independent transportation routes and communication channels essentially eliminates the "declaration of independence" option from all inland towns. There exists a prospect that the very first few Russian towns that declare independence from the Kremlin will be literally nuked or, if they are "lucky", bombed to the ground with conventional weapons, except when they are prepared to defend themselves by nuking Moscow. The nuking of Moscow by an inland Russian independence movement might be realistic, provided that the town that wants to declare its independence, is serious about it. One thing seems to be certain: no Russian czar has ever given up its throne without a civil war or the death of the czar. As of 2016_06 I think that the business elite at Saint Petersburg must be bunch of loosers, because if they weren't, Saint Petersburg would struggle to become part of the European Union in stead of withstanding the nonsense that is imposed by the Moscow mafia.

I might change, edit, update this blog post at some later date, but the summary of the first version of this blog post is that the only option for smart and hard-working people to get the maximum out of their life is to isolate themselves from the dumb masses. The isolated regions must have the opportunities to freely carry out business transactions between the different, smart, people and ultimately the virtual reality systems must somehow connect to the non-virtual systems. Money earned in virtual worlds must be convertable to the money that can be used for buying milk and bread from local grocery. Transportation of physical goods must be possible and cheap enough so that the goods can be sold "over internet". People must have the ability to publicly advertise their goods and services "on the internet" without being harassed and/or censored.

My 2016_06 prediction is that in addition to the technological arms race for privacy(privacy as the technical possibility to break stupid laws and not follow stupid unwritten rules, i.e. the the harassment of LGBT people, etc.), there must be, hopefully will be, a technological arms race for making private, global, courier services possible. As of 2016 the Schengen Area gives a lot of hope and is a true beauty, but due to the fact that the European Union is a union of tax-feeding super-mafiosi, not a union of voluntarily financed representatives, anything that is an obstacle to tax-collection, is rigorously eliminated, including the possibility to build not just private EURO-money transfer systems, but ANY BANKFREE-and-TECHNICALLY-PROPERLY-FUNCTIONING EURO-money transfer systems. As of 2016_06 I predict that at some point there will be long-distance money courier drones, which will be automatically hunted by police interceptor drones.

To avoid instant discovery, the small money courier drones will be flying low, between the trees, not above the tree line. The money courier drones will be covered with radar radiation absorbing paint(a resistor that transfers radar induced currents to heat). The paint has camouflage colors in the human-visible spectrum. The drones will be able to fly and dive. Long distance might be achieved by using automated recharge stations. Drones might even be powered with gasoline and use the gasoline engine as a generator for the electric motors. The money courier drones have to be EMP proof to withstand EMP-guns. A pair of cameras for 3D image creation is a nice, passive, way to detect its surrondings, but the drones might also use 3D lidars. An extra dumb implementation might even combine Galileo global positioning system with a pre-created 3D map and a sonar or some other primitive form of obstacle detection for detecting some of the obstacles that are missing from the 3D map. Just like with drug trafficking vessels, the drone with a payload, money, might be accompanied by a scout and a few body-guards, who will take on Police interceptor drones. On-board weaponry might use some superglue that hardens quickly by absorbing oxygen from the air. Paintball bullets with ink for blacking out the sensors of other drones might also be really effective. Threads of clothing for jamming the propellers of other drones might be useful. Refueling/recharging stations have to be temporary, mobile. Sometimes the precious cargo might be a memory card with cryptographic keys, but the rest of the requirements are pretty much the same. The cargo area of the drone can contain sensors that determine, whether the cargo bay has been accessed during the trip.

Not even the Renaissance went down all legally and quietly. The race is on!

Update on 2016_06_22.

One might try do do some calculations by using a rule that every interest group, for example, Nazis, communists, various other forms of statists, have only 24h per day and if all of that time is used up with attacking some limited number of other interest groups that the leadership or most vocal members of the group define to be the enemies of the attacking group, then the bigger the membership of the coercion inflicting interest groups, the more DIFFERENT TYPES of other interest groups are not coerced, because there just is not enough time for planning the attacks on those groups and the membership size increase of the coercion inflicting interest groups minimizes the number of the different coercion inflicting interest groups. Secondly, an army might be huge, but every army that is supposed to eliminate the enemies of its clients needs at least 2 things: the list of enemies to eliminate and a plan for eliminating the enemies. One of the very probable reasons, why the list of enemies is often vague or just plain short is that there's a management bottleneck at the bureaucracy that is supposed to compose the list of enemies. The army can do its own planning and has its own limitations there, but it certainly needs the list from the political bureaucracy, its client, to start the planning process.

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