The Price of Human Rights Violations, Episode 0

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The price that the 2. World War era German Nazi party paid for murdering the Jews is the loss of the 2. World War. The scheme is that if the German Nazi party hadn't alienated Albert Einstein and a considerable amount of the German business elite and highly educated specialists, the "wonder-weapons" development programs of the Nazi party would have been much more successful, the production of "conventional" weapons would have been much more efficient, the quality of the produced "conventional" weapons probably would have been much better and all of that probably would have been enough to compensate for the Nazi party's strategic mistake of opening 2 war fronts at the same time.

It is the weapons that win wars, not the loyalists. Robots are loyal enough even without receiving any salary.

The context of my current blog post is an attempt to find an answer to the question, how much blue-black-white poodle-ing the Toompea supermafia can do towards Washington supermafia in the name of receiving military aid against the Kremlin. As the heuristic goes, a way to get a nice overview of a problem is to look at extremum points and the extremum points in this case was that Toompea supermafia considers the lives of the Estonian supermafia subjects expendable and the German Realpolitik acceptable. My personal observation is that the academic staff of Estonian 2 major universities, the University of Tartu and the Tallinn University of Technology or TalTech, as it now tends to be called, tend to avoid having anything to do with Toompea supermafia military projects. There is even a case, where an Estonian, Erik Tamre, who graduated the U.S. Harvard university cum laude, got enslaved by the Toompea supermafia and was given a slave job of manually manufacturing brushes. All of that after his graduation from Harvard. Interestingly that very case was bought to the Estonian public attention by the Toompea supermafia propaganda channel, the ERR, which is an Estonian analogue of the British BBC or the Finnish YLE or the Russian "Russia Today". The Erik Tamre case is actually NOT the only similar case, only the most public one. One of my secondary school("highschool" in American English) scool mates, who's name I intentionally leave unmentioned (he might not like the attention), but You may determine his name easily, won the 1. place at Estonian national physics olympiad literally every year of his secondary school time. He went to study materials science, which by now(2019_12) he has also graduated cum laude years ago. And yet in stead of letting him concentrate on his studies and buying him off with huge grants he was enslaved to the Estonian slave army ("conscripts"), where he just wasted his time, the 8 months.

During Soviet-Union era the people, who were good enough to get enrolled in a university, got exempt from military slavery simply by enrolling in the university. At later years that rule was changed, but that was the rule during the Soviet space-race heyday.


Update on 2019_12_15.

As it turns out, a Toompea supermafia financed diplomacy magazine, the, has published an article(archival copy, archive_org_copy, local copy), where the author, Viljar Veebel, claims that the Toompea slave army("conscription", "ajateenistus") option is INFERIOR to the Toompea 100% professional army option in both, fighting capability and Kremlin deterrence capability. At that point a question that might arise is that does the 2019_12 Toompea military top leadership want to keep their life, their job, their property or is the Toompea military top leadership truly so stupid that the only way to deal with them is to dismiss them by politely saying, "Thank You very much, now please go and enjoy Your 'specia pension' and do not inhibit the development of the real Toompea military capability."

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